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Welcome to the realm

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Welcome to the mystic Kingdom

Fantasy is important to so many out there. Many dream that one day they will escape this world and enter their favourite book, film or game. We created Mystic Fate as a way to bring the fantasy realm a little bit closer to us. Our events take place around the UK including Edinburgh, London and beyond!

Mystic Fate Team

“Going to a ball truly was a way for me to feel like I was part of something bigger. It felt like I belong“

Spring Court Ball Guest

What We Do


We host events all across the UK! Find out about our previous work and what is coming next.

Content Creation

We can help you build up a brand presence through professional grade photography, videograph and coaching.


Find out how you can work with us to create magic and get your brand seen in the world of fantasy.

Join us in London

Dark Enchantment Ball

We are back in London on the 26th & 27th of October for a ball inspired by magic, spells and the mysteries of the Fae Realm.

Venture through the winding corridors of Ironmonger’s Hall into a stunning ballroom where Fae revelries await such as historical dancing, a guest host and secret quests.

Our Values

Support Small

Our events come together through the collaboration of small businesses, LARP teams, historical dance groups and creatives.

When guests get a ticket to our balls and events, they are helping communities of artists and talent to continue working in the world of fantasy.

Events for All

Our events are made to be welcoming to all.

We shall continue to work on representation within our events, hoping to welcome more People of Diverse Backgrounds. Everyone deserves a space to feel safe, no matter their race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.


We do not usually base events on a single book/film. Instead, we choose themes that summarise a collection of aesthetics from media that we love!

For example, the Crown and Dagger Ball is inspired by Outlander, The Great, Game of Thrones and many more stories. Choose your favourite media within the theme to plan your outfit!

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