A Non-Profit collaboration

What is Black fae day?

Black Fae Day is a celebration merging fantasy and cultural pride, where individuals with African or Black heritage embrace fantastical realms.

Taking place on the second weekend of May, participants express themselves through imaginative fae creature costumes, intertwining mythology, folklore, and African diasporic traditions. This movement promotes representation in the fantasy genre, offering a space for diverse narratives and empowering individuals to celebrate their cultural roots in a magical context.

Join us at kingswood arts

a Not-for-profit shoot

We are looking for black creators based in London to join us for a shoot in which we aim to capture a diverse narrative within the fantasy genre. This is a free shoot for those who join us and you will receive professional photography and videography content to post on Black Fae Day! The shoot shall take place on Monday, 29th April in South London.

Within the genre, we are aiming to showcase fantasy fans of all genders, beliefs and body shapes.

How to join

We are keeping the shoot small so we can ensure to bring quality to all the creators participating. Thus, we will be conducting an application process to ensure that participants are line with the theme of the shoot.

Apply to Collaborate

Please email with the subject ‘BLACK FAE DAY APPLICATION’ and provide the following information:

  • Your preferred name
  • Your preferred pronouns
  • A bit about yourself
  • Your social links (So we can tag you after!)
  • An image of you (Ideally in costume)
  • What you plan to wear to the shoot (If you need ideas, please click the link below).

Wait to Hear Back

We shall email back by the 10th of April to let you know if we have a space available! Please bear in mind that we will try our best to get as many of you involved as we can, but have to put a capacity limit to maintain the quality of the experience.

Enjoy a magical shoot!

Meet other fantasy creators and enjoy an afternoon within a stunning venue while a professional videographer and photographer capture the moment. The shoot shall take place on the afternoon of Monday, 29th of April in South London at Kingswood arts.