About us

About us

We are currently working hard to build the 2025 calendar of events of events across the UK! We hope to host at least two balls throughout the year, one in Scotland and one in England.

In the meantime, take a look at the events that we have put together this year.

Coming up soon…

The dark enchantment ball

Step into a realm of mystique and magic at the Dark Enchantment Ball, an event made for the Dark Fae and spirits in London on the 26th and 27th of October.

Hosted at the illustrious Ironmongers Hall, this enchanting soirée draws inspiration from the intriguing world of fairies, sorcerers, and mysterious magic, promising a dramatic ambience with likeminded fantasy lovers

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Spring 2024

Crown and Dagger Ball

Held in Edinburgh on the 22nd, 23rd or 24th of March, this was a celebration of royaltycore aesthetics. All royal elves, fae, humans and orcs were welcome to dance in the ballroom, frolic through the halls to the library and finish off the evening with our bookish DJ.

Autumn 2023

Dark Dominion Masquerade

A mysterious ball hidden away in the narrow streets of central London. The villains of the world came out of the shadows for one evening to celebrate all things devious.

Spring 2023

The Spring Court Ball

Guests from across the UK and world flocked to a beautiful countryside estate in the Essex countryside to live our their dreams of being a guest of the Spring Court. With the host, Queen Astraea, guiding the fae, pixies and elves throughout the evening, the human world felt far, far away…

Spring 2023

Crown and Dagger Ball

Our first ever event was hosted at Edinburgh Castle on a cold Spring evening. A sea of ballgowns graced the bridge into the castle, got to see the Scottish Royal Jewellers, learnt regency dancing and enjoyed views of the entire city. Zack Pinsent played our welcoming host for the evening, with his expert understanding of 19th century history to guide the way.

Join the realm of Mystic Fate and Experience Fantasy across the UK.

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